Mark Rowland

Chief Collaboration Officer

Why Greenhouse?
I strongly believe human ingenuity can overcome any challenge as long as we collaborate, share resources and co-innovate. Climate change will require radical transformations socially and economically and we have to do it for the whole of humanity and support both developed and developing countries. This is a Team Humanity level opportunity which excites me.

Greenhouse provides an incredible vehicle to support climate action. I am aligned with the vision of Greenhouse. We have an amazing team, amazing partners and an opportunity to collaborate globally with governments, trade unions, corporates, climate tech companies, and investors.

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My role
In my role, I get to meet with lots of corporate, government, climate tech, and investor partners. I play an active role in engaging government and corporate partners to support the Greenhouse Innovation Challenge program and also AMPED, the commercialisation program. These two products directly impact opportunities to adopt climate tech in support of current climate action opportunities.

My personal life
My daughter Emily is a climate activist, and she is the main driver in our family’s climate action. We have some big expense actions, such as Electric Vehicles and Solar Panels on our roof, but we also do many smaller actions too. For example, we help plant trees where we can, we decided to eliminate meat and fish from our diet, buy local where possible, compost our food waste, use public transport more, ride our bikes and walk more, recycle better, reduce single use plastics, say no to straws etc. There is a lot you can do in your day to day lives, small actions add up to a huge difference.